About us

An effortless choice.

Most of us have drawers full of different underwear. Some are favorites. Others we wear only when the favorites are out. Some we really dislike, but we keep them anyway. Why so many choices when one will do?

Spend less time choosing what to wear.

Timeless colors and styles

Our durable underwear and T-shirts are made of ultra soft organic cotton and designed for a perfect fit. They come in limited yet timeless colors and styles. All so you can spend less time choosing what to wear, and more time for life.

A deeply rooted commitment.

We only use organic and GOTS-certified cotton in our underwear and t-shirts and never include styles or colors in our collections that could go out of fashion and be left unused in a warehouse somewhere.



Bread & Boxers
Stora Gråmunkegränd 3
111 27 Stockholm

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